web design & redesign

In order to increase interaction with their clients and market their products & services, organisations need to have web based platforms to achieve this. With our team of web designers and programmers we develop websites for organizations at customized rates depending on the purpose of the website. Within a short period of time you will have your website done since we take time into consideration. We have different web design packages that suit every purpose from individual to corporate.

Using new technologies, our web designers will help you redesign your out dated web site to the current platform that will help you increase your online marketability by designing a mobile friendly site with embeded search engine optimization tools.

Corporate systems and client portals

We encourage business success and growth with our team of programmers who have keen knowledge in developing customized systems for enhancing success. We design high performance systems that are user friendly and easy to manipulate, data integrity is valued thus your security is guaranteed when you use our applications both online and offline. We also build online portals that help your clients gain access to information they need without even visiting your premises, this helps you save time and queues thus enhancing efficiency.

Campus project development

p>For those students who need best PHP developed projects, CIC Systems is your project partner. With our team of experienced developers we develop just the best of campus projects at student friendly price in a very short time and also offer support and understarding of the project till the end. We also resell already presented projects at custom fee as per the owner's interest.